Israelis Approve Hammarskjold’s Interpretation of U. N. Resolution
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Israelis Approve Hammarskjold’s Interpretation of U. N. Resolution

As United Nations Secretary Dag Hammarskjold was on his way today to the Middle East to discuss stabilization of the area with governments there under the UN resolution adopted last Thursday, Israel delegation circles expressed approval of his interpretation of the resolution as affirming rules of conduct applicable by and towards “all member states without distinction.”

The Secretary General’s statement made it clear that the duties of the Arab states toward each other were to read within the framework of the general purpose of the resolution which supported the “independence and integrity” of all member states of the United Nations.

Israel circles also noted the Secretary General’s statement that the words about mutual tolerance quoted from the Arab League charter had “an independent life in our UN resolution” irrespective of their origin.

Sources close to the Israel delegation indicated that these words, in essence are the interpretation on the strength of which Ambassador Abba Eban felt able to cast Israel’s vote last Thursday thus maintaining International unanimity. It still remains to be seen, however, whether the governments concerned will honor their pledges to each other and to non-Arab members of the United Nations.