Israel’s Achievements in Science Cited at Conference of Scientists
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Israel’s Achievements in Science Cited at Conference of Scientists

International scientific collaboration in the Middle East is essential for the protection of human life and the furtherance of agricultural and technical progress in the region, a top Israeli chemist and Scientific Counselor to the Israel Embassy in Washington, said here last night. The Israeli scientist, Dr. Ephraim Lahav, spoke to the final session of a two-day conference on Science and Technology for the Peaceful Development of Israel and the Middle East, which was sponsored by the American Technion Society.

Noting that “epidemics among human beings and crops do not know political boundaries,” Dr. Lahav told 500 engineers, scientists and technicians at the parley that all the countries of the Middle East are “confronted with similar problems and solutions can be reached for the benefit of all concerned.” He cited Israel’s conquest of some of the most dreaded diseases of the region, including trachoma and malaria, and held out the possibility of Israel’s becoming a model state for the region in the use of preventive medicine.

David Rose, president of the American Technion Society, who also spoke, stressed the role of the Israel Institute of Technology at Haifa in “infusing the new state with scientific and technological know-how.”

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