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Virginia Governor Condemns Bombing of Synagogues; Hits Anti-semitism

Governor J. Lindsay Almond today asked Virginians to "condemn" bombings and threats against synagogues, churches, and schools. At the same time, he reiterated his stand against desegregation.

"In Virginia we have no room, no feeling, no sympathy for John Kasper or the Ku Klux Klan, "the Governor said, Kasper, a segregationist extremist, said last week that the American people are realizing that Jews, not the Negroes, are the principal cause of the trouble, and they’re going to get it."

The Governor’s remarks criticizing Kasper and the KKK were applauded by his audience, an estimated 700 delegates to an annual convention of the Virginia Congress of Parents and Teachers.

The Norfolk Ledger -Dispatch today editorially opposed intervention by the FBI in the dynamiting of Southern synagogues. The important daily newspaper also denounced proposed Federal anti-bombing legislation. The editorial has caused an element of concern to Virginia Jews.