Israeli Authorities Smash Arab Spy Ring, Arrest Ten Youths
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Israeli Authorities Smash Arab Spy Ring, Arrest Ten Youths

Another Arab spy ring inside Israel has been smashed and 10 Arab youths living in Galilean villages have been arrested for supplying information to the Syrian military authorities, Israeli security officials announced today. They said the Arab youths had confessed.

The break-up of an Arab espionage network several months ago led to the investigation which produced today’s results, Israeli security officials said. Several months of trailing the Arab youths uncovered the fact that they were keeping tabs on Israeli Army movements in Northern Israel and passing on the information to Syrian intelligence. The youths, all of whom speak Hebrew fluently, were highly paid by Syrian standards–100 Syrian pounds.

Two of the members of the ring, Israeli authorities revealed, are brothers and the scions of a prominent Galilee family. They have confessed their part in the affair. It is understood that the Israeli military are checking on Israeli Arab residents said to have given haven to agents from the near by states. The communique named the heads of the intelligence ring who operate out of Beirut and the Old City of Jerusalem and said their agents had penetrated Israel.

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