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Israel Government and Cinema Owners Agree on German Files; Banned Categories Defined

The mere fact that a film uses the German language is not reason for banning its showing in Israel, Minister of the Interior Israel Bar Yehuda and a delegation of cinema owners agreed today.

At the same time, Mr. Bar Yehuda pointed out to the delegation, which had come to complain of picketing of film houses showing such films, that the increasing number of German language films being shown in Israel 15 years after the Nazi destruction of 6,000,000 Jews was responsible for the hostility.

Mr. Bar Yehuda reiterated the principles governing the banning of films in Israel. A film may not be shown: 1. If it was made in Germany or in a German-occupied country during World War II; 2. If it was made in any country, but shows Nazis in a favorable light or describes Germany or an occupied country in such fashion as to falsify the “terrible truth” of the Nazi regime; 3. If it was made with the participation of a former Nazi or one associated with the Nazi theater or film industry.