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Treatment by Moroccan Police of Arrested Jews Condemned in Israel

The arrest of Moroccan Jews trying to emigrate from Morocco to Israel, and the treatment these Jews are receiving from police authorities, are roundly condemned in the Israeli press. Authenticated reports have shown that Moroccan Jews, detained by authorities for attempting to leave the country without proper documents, are being treated as “escaping prisoners.”

There is no denying that some of the detained Moroccan Jews tried to use forged passports. But the very fact that illegal exit is attempted, declares the press here, disproves the Moroccan Government contention that Jews are permitted freely to leave.

Editorials point out that the police treatment of the arrested Jews is “far removed from the accepted standards of police procedure in civilized parts of the world” The press here calls on world Jewry to try to exercise its influence toward the opening of the Moroccan gates for Jews wishing to emigrate.