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Arab League to Meet on Jewish Emigration from East Europe to Israel

Jordan has accepted an invitation from the Arab League Council for a call for a meeting of Arab leaders on the question of Eastern European the migration of Jews to Israel, according to dispatches received there today from Jordan’s capital of Amman.

A statement by Jordan’s new prime minister, Hazzar Majali, declared, according to the Amman reports, that King Hussein will be willing to attend a meeting of Arab heads of state to discuss “The Palestine Question,” since he considers “the Palestine problem the first of all the Arab problems.”

(At the United Nations it was observed that, once again, anti-Israelism to being employed in efforts to re-establish some form of unity among the disunited Arab states. Recently, when the Arab League called a meeting of the Arab foreign ministers, that session was boycotted by Jordan. This week, however, when ten Arab delegations presented a letter to the United Nations, complaining against immigration to Israel, Jordan was among the signers.)