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Racist Groups Seek to Incite Anti-jewish Feelings at London Rally

Observers of the “Keep Britain White” rally in Trafalgar Square yesterday commented today on the efforts of the so-called White Defense League and the National Labor Party, organizers of the rally, to use the issue of colored immigration into England as a means of arousing anti-Jewish feeling.

Speakers at the rally, which was attended by 3,000, asserted that the immigration of colored people into Britain from British overseas possessions was due to “Jewish influence. ” Copies of “Combat, ” a violently anti-Semitic publication, were distributed by members of the organization. The organization, despite its name, has no connection with the British Labor Party.

Strong police details were on hand at the rally in anticipation of disorders, but there were only a few hundred enthusiastic supporters among the crowd, and a small group of opponents who heckled the speakers with cries of “Fascist” and “Sieg Heil. “