Israel Introduces Priority System in Sending Experts Abroad
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Israel Introduces Priority System in Sending Experts Abroad

There have been so many requests from foreign countries for technical assistance from Israeli experts that the Cabinet yesterday found it necessary to create a special inter-departmental committee to supervise Israel’s aid to other countries. Thus far, this year alone, 20 requests have been received for the help of Israeli experts, several of these applications coming from Latin American countries.

The new inter-departmental committee met today and decided tentatively to give priority to requests for experts from five areas: West Africa, Burma, Iran, Turkey and Ethiopia. All five of these areas have either firm commitments from Israel now or maintain very close contact with Israel.

The committee decided also to give priorities to countries where Israeli experts are needed for projects to be carried out jointly by local enterprises and by Israel. An example of such a project is the joint housing construction development to be carried out in Brazil by Brazilian interests in conjunction with Solel Boneh, the construction subsidiary of Histadrut.

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