Boston Jewish Women Criticized for Raising Funds for “pet Projects”
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Boston Jewish Women Criticized for Raising Funds for “pet Projects”

Earnestly devoted Jewish women” in Boston were said today to be giving “disproportionate support” to medical fund-raising campaigns to a degree that “a situation of ghettoization” has developed in some of the campaigns.

The problem was reported by the Jewish Community Council of Greater Boston, which said that the “ghettoization” referred to the fact that “the leaders and contributors” in such “single disease” fund-raising efforts “are predominantly Jewish although the disease is common to Jew and Gentile.”

The report said that the situation was “much more serious in Boston than in other cities” and added that recognition had been developing that such situations were undesirable. “When these drives become pet projects of Jewish women there is a slackening of general community interest and participation,” the report stressed. Jewish women active in fund-raising were urged before participating in such campaigns, separate from the United Fund, to determine whether the funds were actually needed.

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