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Soviet Bars Fencing of Huge Grave of 10,000 Jews Killed by Nazis

Nearly 15 years after World War II, Soviet Jews were denied permission to fence a huge grave in the Russian Ukraine holding the bodies of some 10,000 Jews slaughtered by the Nazis, emigrants from Russia reported today.

According to the emigrants, in recent years local peasants in the township of Krze-mieniec digging in the area have found gold teeth and other valuables. The Nazis dug a huge ditch in the township, threw in the bodies of the victims and covered them loosely with dirt.

Repeated rains have washed away some of the earth covering exposing bones of the victims. Local Jews asked for permission to fence the area and place a monument on it, offering to do it with their own funds. Local Soviet authorities have given evasive replies and the Jewish dead are still being desecrated, the emigrants reported.