Senate Study Finds Ort Work in Various Lands “a Worthy Example”
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Senate Study Finds Ort Work in Various Lands “a Worthy Example”

Senator Hubert H. Humphrey, chairman of the Senate International Study Subcommittee, today told the national convention of Women’s American ORT, that his subcommittee will soon make public a study in which the ORT will be “cited with admiration” for its activities in various countries.

Sen. Humphrey said the Senate study of rehabilitation of the disabled in 37 nations found ORT’s work so significant that its “far-flung activities in many nations are mentioned in numerous instances” in the Senate report. ORT’s work in Israel is described by the Senate as “a worthy example for other nations,” Sen. Humphrey stated.

Speaking as chairman of the Senate subcommittee, he credited ORT with operating “the greatest vocational training organization in the world.” He said “ORT demonstrates that every human being has something to contribute to this world, whether he or she be refugee or in any other circumstance.” Individuals aided by the organization became “assets to society, assets to themselves, to their loved ones,” he stressed.

French Ambassador Herve Alphand, addressed ORT on behalf of the diplomatic representatives of all nations where the organization operates. He lauded the organization, praising especially its work in France and Algeria.