Khrushchev Charges Germans Seek to ‘whitewash’ Nazi Regime
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Khrushchev Charges Germans Seek to ‘whitewash’ Nazi Regime

Soviet Premier Khrushchev charged today in a speech to the Soviet Parliament that “the tendency to whitewash and all but rehabilitate the bloody Nazi regime” in West Germany “is becoming increasingly pronounced of late. “

He called the “recent Fascist and anti-Semitic outrages in West Germany a manifestation of reaction” and declared that the Soviet Union was “saddened” by the incidents. He said that Hitler had fanned anti-Semitism to start a war, and he accused Chancellor Konrad Adenauer of having “apparently drawn no conclusions from the lessons of the past.”

Communist China also spoke out today about the “large scale anti-Semitic movement” which Peiping, in a radio broadcast, saw “swiftly spreading like a plague in the capitalist world. ” Blaming the United States for allegedly permitting “militarism and Nazism to return to West Germany,” the Peiping radio charged that the West German “army, Judiciary, foreign ministry and other government departments are ridden with former Hitlerites and all sorts of Nazis. “

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