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Ben-gurion Stresses Role of Israel’s Science in Development of Defense

Prime Minister David Ben-Gurion last night credited much of the success of the development of Israel’s armed forces to Israel’s technology, declaring that “Science is the essential factor in Israel’s future. “

He spoke in opening the first session of the reorganized National Research and Development Council, headed by Prof. Israel Dostrovsky, who is also director of the Israel Defense Ministry’s atomic research.

Dr. Dostrovsky told the meeting that it was necessary to determine priorities in spending for science because a small country like Israel could not tackle all areas of research. He said Israel would have to strike a balance between utilitarian research and fundamental scientific research in which there is no certainty of immediate practical results.

The Council will take up first the coordination of research into all phases of Israel’s water problems, on the prospects of basic chemical industries and on agricultural needs, he said.