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Two Re-arrested in Norwalk for Painting Swastikas on Synagogue

A pair of 22-year-old youths, arrested three weeks ago on charges of painting swastikas on Beth Israel Synagogue, were arrested again on an added charge and were free on bail today awaiting a Superior Court trial.

The two are Harold Fahy, University of Virginia graduate, and a friend, William Arnold of Milford, Penna., who is staying with Fahy during a visit here, Arnold is a native of Germany and has an American citizenship application pending. Both claimed the daubing was a prank. The new arrest on bench warrants contained a charge of injury to a public building.

Rep. Samuel Googel, Connecticut House Majority leader, said that damage to a public building now carries a maximum $5,000 fine and 20 years in prison under a bill he introduced which was passed at the last Legislative session and signed into law by Gov. Abraham Ribico off last June 11. The previous penalties had been a maximum $100 fine and six months in jail.