Gov. Rockefeller, Mayor Wagner Proclaim “warsaw Ghetto Uprising Day”

Governor Nelson Rockefeller and Mayor Robert Wagner issued proclamations today declaring the 19th of April as a “Warsaw Ghetto Day” commemorating the fallen heroes of the Warsaw Jewish uprising against the Nazis seventeen years ago and the 6,000,000 Jews killed under the Nazi regime. A memorial meeting honoring the memory of the Jewish martyrs was held tonight at the Biltmore Hotel here, arranged by the Congress of Jewish Culture.

Gov, Rockefeller emphasized in his proclamation that on the anniversary of the Warsaw uprising, the population of New York State remembers “with admiration the heroes of the Ghetto of Warsaw along with the six million of their fellow Jews who were slain by the oppressor.” Mayor Wagner urges the citizens of New York “to draw renewed inspiration from the gallant uprising against tyranny and oppression waged by the heroic peoples of the Warsaw Ghetto.” He recommends that the children of New York “be told the story of the Warsaw Ghetto Uprising as a parallel of contemporary history.”

(The 17th anniversary of the Warsaw Ghetto Uprising was observed today in Warsaw with public meetings addressed by Polish and Jewish leaders on streets which were formerly a part of the ghetto and with a solemn demonstration in front of the monument for the fallen heroes of the ghetto revolt. Flowers were laid at the monument which is the work of the Israeli sculptor Nathan Rapoport now on a visit in the United States.)