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American Archaeologists Discover Walls Built by Joshua in Canaan

Excavations by an American archaeological team on the site of the Biblical city of Bethel have unearthed significant Canaanite findings dating back to 1,700 B.C.E., it was reported here today from Amman.

Ending of the diggings by a team headed by Dr. James L. Kelso of the Pittsburgh-Xenia Theological Seminary was announced by Dr. Awni Dajani, Jordanian Director of Antiquities. Dr. Kelso said that the expedition had found a huge wall, more than nine feet high, which was probably part of a Canaanite temple.

A water gate was found about ten feet in height, Dr. Kelso disclosed. He said above it were walls believed to have been built by the troops of Joshua who, according to the Biblical account, led the Israelites in the conquest of Canaan. The excavations were started on May 25.