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Dr. Sabin, U.S. Jewish Scientist, Hailed for Major Anti-polio Virus

The second major contribution by a Jewish scientist toward the conquest of polio–a successful live-virus vaccine–developed by Dr. Albert B. Sabin, was hailed throughout the world today. Experts said that formal approval of the Sabin vaccire by the United States Public Health Service yesterday could revolutionize vaccination methods in the United States in the next year or so.

Dr. Sabin, who was born in Bialystok, Russia, came to the United States with his family when he was 15. He is Professor of Research Pediatrics at the University of Cincinnati.

His predecessor in the field of polio vaccine was Dr. Jonas Salk, who developed a dead-virus type of vaccine as the first protection against the dreaded disease. Dr. Salk’s vaccine has been the standard form of protection against polio throughout the world.

The advantage of Dr. Sabin’s vaccine is that it can be given orally. Dr. Salk’s vaccine must be injected by needle. The U.S. Public Health Service said that it was hoped that the availability of both vaccines would eliminate polio in the United States.