Ben-gurion Encourages ‘youth Vs. Veterans’ Dispute in Mapai Party
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Ben-gurion Encourages ‘youth Vs. Veterans’ Dispute in Mapai Party

Vacationing Prime Minister David Ben-Gurion moved into the “Youth Versus Veterans” ideological dispute in his Mapai party today with a statement that the Mapai party was a democratic one and therefore every debate should be welcomed.

He made his statement in a letter to the Mapai secretariat from his vacation spot, which was not disclosed. He said also in the letter that debates were particularly to be welcomed when they dealt with such vital issues. In effect, the Prime Minister gave his backing to the younger party element headed by Agriculture Minister Moshe Dayan and Deputy Defense Minister Shimon Peres, whose views are opposed by such leaders as Pinhas Laven, former Histadrut leader.

In another letter, this one to Joseph Almogi, the Mapai secretary general, Mr. Ben-Gurion reiterated his belief that discussion should be allowed but he added it should be orderly.

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