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Javits Opposes U.N. Seat for Nasser, Challenges Lehman’s Position

Senator Jacob J. Javits today took issue with former Governor Lehman’s accusation of the State Department’s “supine acceptance” of the United Arab Republic’s candidacy for a seat on the United Nations Security Council. Mr. Javits declared he was doing “everything I can to help our Government find another candidate for this Security Council seat.” “I hope sincerely,” he added, “that Sen. Lehman will join me in this approach.”

In a statement here, Sen. Javits declared: “I am pleased to note that Senator Lehman has come full circle in his position on the candidacy of the United Arab Republic for a seat on the United Nations Security Council. In his letter of October 19, Sen. Lehman now charges the Department of State with ‘supine acceptance’ of Nasser’s candidacy. This is a marked retreat from his first letter in which he accused the Government without any basis in fact of supporting the UAR.

“There is a very great difference between supporting a candidate and trying to find a new one who will be satisfactory. The UAR should not be elected to this seat, and Sen. Lehman and I agree on this.”