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French Statesman Tells Ort Israel Has Disproved Old, Anti-jewish Canard

Daniel Mayer, French-Jewish statesman and chairman of the executive committee of ORT, the Jewish rehabilitation and retraining organization, told the ORT world congress here today that “Israel has put paid to an old prejudice that Jews cannot work with their hands.”

M. Mayer, who is president of the League for the Rights of Man, declared that one of the essential rights of man was the right to work. Nowhere, he asserted, had this principle found greater expression than in the State of Israel “where we have reached the culmination point of individual and collective emancipation.”

Max Braude, director-general of ORT, told the congress the challenge facing it today was “economic obsolescence.” He pointed out that more than half of ORT’s work area lay in countries sovereign less than 15 years. In the face of this crystal-clear challenge, he declared, “we must find the means to extend our services and to accelerate our historical adaptability.”