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Resignation of Nazi-backed Chairman of Provincial Parliament Demanded

Requests for the resignation of the chairman of the Rhineland-Pfalz Parliament, on the grounds that he had been elected to his post with the backing neo-Nazis, were made at Mainz today by members of the Rhincland-Pfalz Parliament representing the Christian Democratic Union and the Free Democratic Party.

The new parliamentary chairman in the state is Franz Boegler, a member of the Social Democratic party. The complainants point out that he was chosen with the help of the two newly elected members of that Parliament, representing the neo-Nazi German Reichspartei, a party outlawed for its neo-Nazism in all of the German states except Rhineland-Pfalz. One of Boegler’s backers was, allegedly, a high-ranking officer in the SS, Hitler’s Elite Guard, during World War II.