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World Congress of Polish Jews Opens; No Delegates from Poland

With 400 delegates from 16 countries in attendance, the World Congress of Polish Jews was opened here last night. Three thousand former Polish Jews now living in Israel, as well as a group of non-Jewish Poles residing here, attended the opening session.

The Congress is the first worldwide gathering of organized Polish Jews since World War II and following the Nazi holocaust. Jews living currently in Poland sent no delegates to the parley.

The Congress devoted its opening session to a memorial to the millions of Polish Jews murdered by the Nazis. It also expressed “warmest greetings” to Jews in Poland and adopted a resolution thanking the present Polish Government for its impartial treatment of Jews today.

Delegates to the Congress expressed gratitude also to the non-Jewish Poles present. Many of these non-Jews risked their lives during the Nazi regime to save many hundreds of Jews in Poland during the war.