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New Organization to Seek Nationwide Support of Sunday Closing Law

Formation of a new organization to seek countrywide support of “the principle” of Sunday closing laws was announced here today. Called the “Great Columbus Sunday Closing Association,” the group declared in a statement that “the vast majority of people wish to maintain Sunday as a day free of labor, as a day for church, for the family, for recreation, rest and relaxation.”

“Each Sunday,” the statement continued, “more and more non-essential businesses are opening their doors to steal the lead on their competitors. In self-defense, responsible merchants are being forced to consider opening their stores. We are reaching the point where Greater Columbus will become a wide-open city, and all businesses will be operating on Sunday.

“When that occurs, Sunday as a day of rest will be a thing of the past because all of us, no matter what our job is, will have to gear to a seven-day work week. We don’t want that to happen, and we feel most people don’t.”