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Ambassador Harman Comments on Eichmann Trial In. Television Interview

Israel Ambassador Avraham Harman said today that the Eichmann trial guarantees against a recurrence of such a crime.

In a television interview here, the Israel Ambassador said that the trial “is an important historic lesson for our youth to know that human beings were capable of doing things like that, and that therefore they should be alert to any tendencies toward that king of degradation in the future.”

The Israeli diplomat asserted that the trial came at a time when the Nazi period was receding “further and further backwards into history” and that it served as an “important” reminder. Asked about the possibility of other Israeli-conducted trials of other Nazi war criminals, Mr. Harman replied: “The Government of Israel has never been conducting any searches in this kind of thing. This man was brought into our jurisdiction, and therefore we had to exercise our jurisdiction in relation to him.”