U.S. Grants $65,000 to Haifa Technion for Research on Flour Dough
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U.S. Grants $65,000 to Haifa Technion for Research on Flour Dough

A grant of $65,000 has been awarded by the United States Department of Agriculture to the Technion-Israel Institute of Technology for research on methods of increasing the use of flour dough, it was reported here today by the American Technion Society.

Professor Mark Reiner, Gerard Swope research professor at the Technion, who was the co-founder of the science of rheology, dealing with the flow of materials, will supervise the research program during the next three years. The project seeks to determine the relationship “between technical measurements and rheological parameters of flour doughs prepared from wheat” in order to provide the basis for the grain’s increased utilization.

Israel-grown wheat is suitable only for the baking of the flat Arab bread known as “Pitah,” as well as for the production of spaghetti and macaroni, but not for the baking of American-style bread. At the present time, most of the wheat produced in Israel is exported to Italy, while Israel depends on wheat imported from the United States and Canada for its own bread-making needs. It is hoped that one of the results of the new research project will enable Israel bakeries to utilize locally produced wheat for the making of American-style bread.

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