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Sharett Sees Judaism Imperiled; Cites Treatment of Jews in Russia

Moshe Sharett, chairman of the Jewish Agency executive, declared here today that “as long as democracy is not universal in the world, Judaism is imperiled. He spoke before a packed hall at a meeting sponsored by the B’nai B’rith here. He will proceed from here to the United States for a month-long tour on behalf of the United Jewish Appeal and the Zionist movement.

In his address the Jewish Agency chairman cited Soviet Russia as a country “where freedom is rationed by the state and is not the inherent right of every individual.” Under such circumstances, he asserted, “Judaism experiences a progressive asphyxiation.”

He described Israel as “the only impregnable bastion of Jewish life and the mightiest instrument for the perpetuation of Jewishness. ” It is always there in case of need or danger to any Jewish group or community, he emphasized.

He insisted he was not “conjuring up dark visions of imperiled Jewish communities” but claimed that “there are communities who are in need of Israel even today as a means of salvation. ” Since Israel was established, he stated, there was no more “going cap in hand” in case of need or danger to any Jewish group.