Anti-semitic Broadcasts Halted in Buenos Aires on Jewish Protests
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Anti-semitic Broadcasts Halted in Buenos Aires on Jewish Protests

After vigorous protests by representatives of DAIA, the central organization of Argentine Jews, and by the Jewish press, a series of anti-Semitic broadcasts over the Buenos Aires municipal radio and television stations was halted by the city and Federal authorities here today.

The privilege of political broadcasts by all recognized political groupings had been granted by the municipal broadcasting facility. Taking advantage of that policy, the Union Civica Nationalista broadcast several programs which, according to the Jewish leaders here, were “outright neo-Nazi and fascist in content.” Escurra Uriburu, leader of the neo-Nazi UCN, denounced Argentine Jews as collaborators with “Zionist imperialism,” and sharply criticized the Federal Government for implementing democratic principles.

Jewish leaders complained to the authorities in charge of the municipal broadcasting facilities as well as to Dr. Alfredo R. Vitala, Minister of the Interior. Today, an order was issued denying further use of the broadcast facilities to the Union Civica Nationalista and its leaders.

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