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Workmen’s Circle Raps Both Germany’s for Tolerating Former Nazis

A resolution condemning both West Germany and East Germany for “failure to root out the remnants of Nazism,” was adopted here today at the concluding session of the 62nd annual convention of the Workmen’s Circle, national Jewish fraternal and cultural organization. While condemning both Germanys however, the resolution pointed out that, in Communist East Germany, there has been no denazification program, and that “former Hitler lieutenants” hold high office in East Germany where “Communist authorities have no trouble in reaching accommodation” with the ex-Nazis.”

The Workmen’s Circle was lauded at this morning’s final session by Benjamin Stickney, an official of the United States Information Agency, who presented a “distinguished service” award to the organization for its participation in the USIA program of furnishing books to underdeveloped countries. More than 1,000,000 American books have been sent by the USIA to African and Asian countries as a result of a special drive conducted by the Workmen’s Circle throughout the United States.