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Leader of British Nazi Movement Announces His Anti-semitic Program

A policy of outright anti-Semitism was announced here today by Colin Jordan, leader of the British National Socialist movement. Jordan is a Coventry school teacher who has been suspended from his post, while the Coventry school board is considering his possible dismissal. His group attracted wide attention two weeks ago when it conducted a mass meeting in Trafalgar Square here, with speeches and banners proclaiming anti-Semitism as a policy.

In his policy statement, Jordan charged “Jewish domination” of Britain, attacked “colored immigration,” decried democratic government, and called for “freeing Great Britain from the grip of Jewish domination.” “With Britain liberated from Jewish control,” he stated, “a National Socialist, authoritarian government would be established, replacing the present corrupt and inefficient democratic form.” The new governmental system, he stated, would be based “strictly on racial quality, ability and service to National Socialism.”