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Britain May Sell Missiles to Israel; Russia to Speed Arms to Arabs

Britain was reported in diplomatic circles here today to be considering the sale of England’s famed “bloodhound” missiles to Israel. “There are good prospects of such a sale by Britain, ” these sources stated.

At the same time, word was received here that the Soviet Union has pledged to speed delivery of promised armament shipments to at least three of Israel’s Arab enemies, Egypt, Iraq and Syria. The Russian promise was reportedly given in New York by Moscow’s Foreign Minister Andrei A. Gromyko, who conferred with leading Egyptians, Syrians and Iraqis attending the United Nations General Assembly.

Russia was reported to have given these weapons assurances to the Arab representatives as a result of the decision by the United States Government to sell Hawk ground-to-air missiles to Israel. Among the items already being sold to the Arab states by Mosc are TU-16 jet bombers, latest models of the MIG Jet fighters, artillery, and some submarines.