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Israelis Fight Huge Fires Started by Syrian Shells Near Lake Tiberias

Members of the Tel Katzir kibbutz fought almost until dawn today, with the aid of volunteers and fire equipment from nearby settlements to bring under control huge fires caused by a fierce Syrian bombardment yesterday afternoon.

The barn and hay store of the settlement were set ablaze and a number of cows were killed. One kibbutz member was slightly wounded by a bullet while fighting the conflagrations, but continued his efforts after treatment. A casualty of the fires was a large truck laden with hay which had arrived from Tel Adashim settlement as a gift. It had been placed in the barn which was destroyed.

The Syrians initially began shooting at an armored tractor whose driver ignored the fire and completed his ploughing assignment. The Syrians then shifted their fire at the settlement. Israel lodged two complaints with the UN Mixed Armistice Commission. Tel Katzir is an area southeast of Lake Tiberias which has been under intermittent attack since Israel began irrigation work in the area.