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Australia Instructs Envoys to Pinpoint Soviet Anti-semitism in U.N. Debate

The Australian Government announced today it has instructed its United Nations delegation to raise the issue of the treatment of Jews in the Soviet Union as a manifestation of religious intolerance. The Australian action, calling on the Soviet Government to remove such manifestations of intolerance and to enact legislation to prevent their recurrence, will be made at the General Assembly’s Social, Cultural and Humanitarian Committee.

The Australian Government also will propose to the UN that the proposed human rights covenants contain a provision that a citizen has the right to leave his country on the premise that “if nations can not offer religious tolerance, they should at least give people the right to emigrate.”

(At the United Nations today, it was confirmed that the debate on a long-pending resolution outlawing “all manifestations of racial prejudice and national and religious intolerance” will be opened tomorrow in the Assembly’s Social, Cultural and Humanitarian Committee. Michael S, Comay, chairman of the Israel delegation at the UN, is scheduled to make one of the first addresses in that debate.)