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Germany Cannot Prevent Scientists from Working for Nasser, Leader Says

Dr. Heinrich von Brentano, floor leader of the Christian Democratic Union in the German Bundestag, and former Foreign Minister, today told the National Press Club here that, while he personally disapproved of German scientists working on nuclear missiles in Egypt, there was no legal basis for the German Government to interfere with such private overseas work by German nationals.

“We know that some Germans are working in Egypt on some missile program,” he stated, “I can only say that I disapprove of such activities but I must also say, and that is also the same situation here in the United States, that we have no legal basis to prevent any German from working abroad. The German Government will certainly not support any such activities, but we have in our Constitution a provision for absolute freedom of movement, and in that way our hands are, of course, bound, and there are limits beyond which we cannot go.”