Jews in Germany Deplore Retention of Former Nazis in Federal Posts
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Jews in Germany Deplore Retention of Former Nazis in Federal Posts

The Central Council of Jews in Germany today issued a statement strongly criticizing the fact that former Nazis directly or indirectly involved in Nazi wartime mass murder crimes currently occupied important posts in Criminal Investigation Departments and in the legal administration of the West German federal republic.

The Augsburg Government Labor court rejected today an appeal by Otto Roesch from his dismissal by the Social Insurance Institute for Schwaben for a public expression of approval of Hitler’s slaughter of European Jewry. Roesch, 55, chairman of the Augsburg section of Chancellor Konrad Adenauer’s Christian Democratic Union, was dismissed without notice from the Institute.

The Hamburg Provincial Court opened disciplinary action against Dr. Rudolf Schiedermair to determine whether he concealed his participation in Nazi terror judgments in occupied Norway at the time he entered the Bavarian legal service. Schiedermair, who was suspended as President of the Bavarian Administrative court here last September, was formally charged in November with having aided in the “final solution of the Jewish problem.”

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