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Soviet City Publishes Pamphlet Attacking Jewish Religion and Zionism

A 69-page pamphlet attacking the Jewish religion and Zionism has been published at Kuibyshev, in the Soviet Union, according to information from Moscow received here today. The authors of the pamphlet, entitled “Judaism and Zionism: Whom and How Do They Serve,” are believed to be Jews. They are named as Ziskine (without a first name) and Gregory Solomonovitch.

The pamphlet, evidently intended only for local consumption, was published by the Kuibyshev City Publishing House, in 3,000 copies. Chapter headings indicating its contents, are: “Religion: Invention of Man, not of God”; “Judaism and Zionism in the Service of the Four Dictators of the Capitalist World”; “The Reasons and Arguments of Some Rabbis”; and “How Do We Overcome Jewish Religion in the Soviet Union?”