Tel Aviv Postmen Continue ‘slowdown'; Work Normal in Other Cities
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Tel Aviv Postmen Continue ‘slowdown'; Work Normal in Other Cities

While postal workers in other cities throughout Israel ended their month-long slowdown strike, the Tel Aviv postmen decided to continue the slowdown today thus offering little hope for much improvement in the service which has been delaying mail up to two weeks.

Efforts are now being directed at bringing the Tel Aviv postmen in line with those in other parts of the country, as nearly 3, 000, 000 letters were reported to be piled up in the main Tel Aviv Post Office. It is estimated that it will take almost a month to process the backlog after a settlement is reached here.

Postal workers in other cities ended their slowdown early, yesterday morning, following negotiations which resumed after a general meeting of the workers had earlier rejected an arbitration proposal without prior acceptance of a series of conditions, some of which were finally accepted.

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