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Israeli Pennant is Raised at Jordan’s Pavilion at World’s Fair

World’s Fair police hunted today for a $150 Jordanian flag which was removed over the weekend from the Jordan Pavilion and replaced with a pennant from the American-Israeli pavilion.

Police leaned to the theory that the theft of the Jordanian flag and the substitution of the American-Israeli pennant was the work of pranksters and that it was not connected with a long-running dispute over a controversial mural in the Jordan Pavilion. Jewish organizations have protested that the mural is anti-Israel and anti-Semitic and three suits against the mural are pending in New York City courts.

American-Israel Pavilion officials said they knew nothing about the incident and that if it was “a practical joke, ” it was “in poor taste.” Police returned the pennant to the American-Israel Pavilion. Jordanian Pavilion officials, who put another Jordanian flag up, said that hereafter, the flag would be taken down each night when the pavilion is closed.