Jewish Claims Conference Leaders Confer with German Chancellor
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Jewish Claims Conference Leaders Confer with German Chancellor

Leaders of the Conference of Jewish Material Claims Against Germany conferred here yesterday with West German Chancellor Ludwig Erhard, urging him to reopen the filing deadline–under the amendment to the Federal Indemnification Law proposed in Bonn–for the benefit of Nazi victims who through no fault of their own are barred from registering their claims under the existing legislation. This concerns primarily Nazi victims who came out from the Iron Curtain lands after October 1953.

The meeting of the Jewish leaders with Chancellor Erhard took place in the German Embassy here. The Claims Conference delegation was composed of Dr. Nahum Goldmann, president; Jacob Blaustein, senior vice-president; Moses Leavitt, treasurer; and Saul Kagan, special consultant of the Claims Conference.

The delegation also urged the Chancellor to take immediate steps to correct serious deficiencies in the proposed amendment to the Federal Restitution Law presently before the West German Parliament.

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