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Moroccan Parliament Passes New Law Affecting Rabbinical Tribunals

Morocco’s Parliament adopted by a large majority yesterday a new law which provides for “uniformity of Moroccan justice.” The new legislation will affect particularly the rabbinical tribunals in this country which have had complete autonomy.

Until now, the rabbinates, generally located in the Jewish quarters of Moroccan cities, have administered justice in the name of the King of Morocco. Completely independent, the rabbinical courts have been recognized as competent to deal with all matters affecting the personal status of Moroccan Jews.

Under the new law, the rabbinical judges will be subordinate to regional tribunals and to the Pashas conducting those tribunals. The rabbinical tribunals will be transferred to the Moslem tribunals. Nonetheless, it was pointed out here today, the rabbinical courts will still be able to continue functioning in accordance with Jewish law on matters of personal status among Jews.