Makarios Talk with Nasser Today Could Further Egypt War Plan
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Makarios Talk with Nasser Today Could Further Egypt War Plan

Archbishop Makarios, president of Cyprus, will visit Cairo tomorrow for a meeting with President Nasser of Egypt amid reports that an arms agreement would be sought which could aid Nasser’s anti-Israel drive.

The Daily Mail said that one “widely held theory was that Makarios wanted heavy weapons and aircraft, and that Nasser would provide the Cypriote leader with old British arms impounded by Egypt. In return, according to that report, Makarios would try to get rid of British base areas, to enhance Egypt’s chances of victory if and when it attacked Israel.

A belated report from Cairo quoted Dr. Mario Ludwig, Swiss director of the International Federation of Cotton and Allied Textile Industries, as saying he had been informed that Egypt was committed to giving the Soviet Union and Eastern Europe half of its cotton crop, in payment for arms and industrial machinery. Dr. Ludwig said he had been given that information in Alexandria by Egyptian officials, in explanation of Egypt’s decision to suspend cotton sales to the West.

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