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Administration Urged to Press for Senate Ratification of Genocide Pact

Senator J. Glenn Beall, Maryland Republican, today accused the Administration of failing to press the Senate Foreign Relations Committee to act on the ratification of the United Nations Genocide Convention. He charged that the genocide pact, establishing that mass murder is an international crime, has been “pigeonholed” by the Senate committee for 15 years.

The Senator quoted Foreign Relations chairman J.W. Fulbright as stating that “to date, the Administration, which following custom, is reviewing treaties submitted to the Senate by previous Administrations, has not made its wishes known with respect to the Genocide Convention.”

Senator Beall asked that members of the Senate be given an opportunity “to stand up and be counted on this moral issue.” He said this is not a Jewish issue, it is a humanity issue despite the fact that the treaty was prompted by Hitler’s genocide against the Jewish people.