300 Former European Rabbis Seek Indemnification from Germany
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300 Former European Rabbis Seek Indemnification from Germany

A delegation representing the World Organization of Rabbis, a group of Hasi victims now living in various countries, arrived here today to seek indemnification from the West German Government for about 300 members of the organization.

Under West German law, the only rabbis receiving indemnification for loss of profession are those who had been in the pre-Nazi German civil service system. Those from countries occupied by Germany during the Second World War are not eligible. The members of the group, most of them Orthodox rabbis from Nazi-held countries, were among the first victims. Nearly 10,000 of their prewar colleagues perished in Nazi gas chambers or at the hands of roving murder squads.

Rabbi Chaim H. Meisels, of New York, is heading the delegation which is accompanied by Dr. Robert M. W. Kempner, a former American prosecutor at the Nuremberg War Crimes trials.

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