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Czech Journal Carries Unpublished Nazi Documents on Killing of Jews

The current issue of the Czech journal, “World in Pictures.” contains a series of hitherto unpublished Nazi documents. The documents, found in as yet unpublicized German archives, deal with the slaughter of Jews and other victims in western Russia in 1941 and 1942.

One document tells how the Germans killed 23,000 Jews in Kamenetz-Podolsk on August 30, 1941. Another is a log book of an SS battalion which operated in the Minsk district, recording that on June 27,1942, an “operation” took place in Baranowice. Another “operation” in Slonim, called “clearing of the Ghetto.” described the burial of 400 Jews.

The publication, commenting on the documents, added that a number of participants in these crimes are “free and prosperous” in West Germany.