Anti-semitic Pamphlets Sold at ‘god and Country’ Rally in Boston
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Anti-semitic Pamphlets Sold at ‘god and Country’ Rally in Boston

Anti-Jewish pamphlets and exhibits by American Opinion, a publication issued by Gerald L. K. Smith, editor of the racist magazine, The Cross and the Flag, featured the “God and Country” rally here which also featured leaders and publications of the John Birch Society, The Jewish Advocate reports.

Among the material sold at the rally, the English-Jewish newspaper stated, was “a viciously anti-Semitic” pamphlet, entitled “The Bigots Behind the Swastika Spree,” written by Joseph J. Kamp, who, according to The Jewish Advocate, “has a record of extreme, right-wing and anti-Semitic activity going back to the Hitler years.”

Col. Lawrence Bunker, a member of the executive committee of the John Birch Society, and chairman of the “God and Country” rally, stated he was unaware, of anti-Semitic literature at the rally. He told the Boston Herald that, if there was such literature there, it had been “planted.” However, the Jewish Community Council of Metropolitan Boston and the local office of the B’nai B’rith Anti-Defamation League stated that “a three-day display of Kamp’s pamphlets at a clearly indicated price of 40 cents each hardly seems to constitute a ‘plant.'”

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