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El Fatah Claims It Killed 26 Israelis; Most of Report Unconfirmed

A communique by EI Fatah, the military arm of the “Palestine Liberation Organization,” reported here today from Damascus, claimed that it had killed 22 Israeli soldiers and four civilians in Israel during the past two weeks.

Only one of the incidents mentioned in the communique had been confirmed from Israeli sources. That one concerned an attack on a Jerusalem train. Israeli officials said that several passengers had been wounded, none seriously. The communique claimed that in one action, the main bridge on the Falouja road was blown up and that the same EI Fatah unit blasted an Israeli military vehicle in an ambush, killing two Israeli officers and 20 soldiers. Another claim was that a unit blew up the main center at Adrit settlement, near Beit Jibrin, killing three Israelis and wounding 16.