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Swiss Court Bans Anti-semitic Book; Orders Confiscation of Copies

A Lausanne court prohibited today further distribution of an anti-Semitic book, and ordered copies not yet sold impounded by authorities.

The court acted after the Federation of Swiss Jewish Communities lodged a complaint with authorities that “The Past, the Present and the Jewish Question, ” by Dr.J.A. Mathes, of Vevy, was a violation of the Swiss Civil Code, and demanded that it be banned. The book contains lengthy quotations from the Protocols of the Elders of Sion and other anti-Semitic libels, refers to Jewish “ritual murder, ” and blames the Jews for the outbreak of both World Wars.

The author is a well-known doctor in Vevey and a very wealthy man who financed publication of his own book. About 500 copies of the 4, 000 published last November have been sold. It was the first anti-Semitic book published in Switzerland in more than 20 years.