Bonn Envoy to Israel Sees Step Toward Greater German-israel Rapport
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Bonn Envoy to Israel Sees Step Toward Greater German-israel Rapport

The Israel-West German economic talks begun today in Bonn are part of efforts to create a greater understanding between the two countries, Dr. Rolf Pauls, West Germany’s Ambassador to Israel, told a news conference here.

He declared that Israel was regarded by the West German Government as a “developing country” but said “we would never consider helping any other country with such a high national income as that of Israel.” He added that reports that the West German negotiators would insist on treating Israel on the same footing as other developing countries were not “official.”

Dr. Pauls also said he was preparing the way for cultural exchanges between the two countries, but “we will rush nothing.” He said delegations of Israeli youth should go to Germany to see for themselves that it was not the same country they heard it was. Declaring that “we are laying the foundations for generations,” he added “we will do nothing rashly or for the sake of spectacular achievement.”

He conceded that, during his recent four-week visit to West Germany, the idea had been considered of sending half-finished products to Israel for re-export to West Germany, after processing by Israeli industries.

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