Terrorists Injure 3 More Israelis; Jordan Censured in Another Case
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Terrorists Injure 3 More Israelis; Jordan Censured in Another Case

Three Israeli soldiers were slightly wounded Thursday night, a little less than two miles from the Jordan border, while on a motor patrol in the Lachish area. The attack appeared to be that of a group of E1 Fatah which ambushed the soldiers near the village of Nechusha, while the Israelis were on their way to the main road.

Israel lodged a complaint with the Israeli-Jordan Mixed Armistice Commission, because the infiltrators had come from Jordan. However, an Israeli spokesman voiced belief that the terrorists had come from Syria, and were members of the Syrian-based El Fatah.

The Israel-Jordan Mixed Armistice Commission ruled yesterday that Jordan was guilty of violating the armistice agreement by not preventing the crossing into Israel of a group of saboteurs three weeks ago. The raiders blew up a power substation in the Dead Sea area.

The MAC meeting, under the chairmanship of a United Nations observer, found conclusive evidence that the infiltrators had come from Jordan and had returned there. The damage to the substation was slight; but flow of power to the Dead Sea Potash Works was temporarily interrupted. Israeli sources said the sabotage was carried out by El Fatah guerrillas directed from Syria.