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Security Council Hopes for Agreement on Israeli-syrian Crisis

After wrestling all day today with efforts called “serious” and “most urgent” to obtain agreement on how to treat the Anglo-American draft resolution linking Syria with the recent terrorist incursions into Israel, the Security Council decided this afternoon to adjourn until tomorrow morning.

During a brief session of the Council this afternoon, it was made clear that the following sequence of events had taken place: 1) “Delicate” consultations took place all morning among the 10 non-permanent members of the Council (Argentina, Bulgaria, Japan, Jordan, Mali, the Netherlands, New Zealand, Nigeria, Uganda and Uruguay); 2) The issue had been passed on to the five permanent members–the United States, Britain, France, the Soviet Union and China; 3) The non-permanent members are to receive their answer from the Big Powers by late tonight; the Big Powers will reconsider the issue. Agreement on how to treat the Israeli-Syrian crisis should be reached by tomorrow morning.